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Privacy Policy

We are aware that protecting your privacy,  while you are using our website, is an important matter. We take the  protection of your privacy very seriously. Therefore, we would like to  inform you which data is saved, when it is saved and how this data is  being used. We would like to disclose you with our privacy policy and  related measures that we take to protect your data.

Collecting Data

As  a matter of fact, you may use our website without disclosing any of  your personal data. For security purposes some data, like the name of  your internet provider, the website from which you entered our website,  the contents of our website that you looked at and your IP-Address are  saved on the server of our technical service provider Content Management  AG ( and their respective business partners.

This data would possibly allow us to identify you. However, we are not using this data in a personally individualized manner.

The  data may be used in statistics, while the individual users remain  anonymous.In the event that data is referred to third parties, we would  have ensured logistically and technically that our privacy policy is  adhered to. Contents of third parties can be found on our website.

Those contents may include pure content elements (e.g. news), but also widgets (e.g. weather reports).

This  occurs due to technical reasons, as the browser is loading those  contents from other servers. The current IP-Address of your browser is  transmitted in this context.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

Personal  data will only be collected, if you disclose it voluntarily, e.g. by  registering, filling out a form, sending e-mails, ordering products or  services, requesting materials or providing data in the members-only  section. The database and your data remain with us and our technical  service provider. Your personal data will not be disclosed to third  parties, neither by us nor by persons authorized to act on our behalf,  unless you have agreed to it or we are ordered to disclose the data by  public authorities.

Use of Data

We will use the personal  data that you disclosed to us, solely for the purpose of providing you  with the desired products or services or for other purposes to which you  have agreed to, as long as there are no legal obligations to act  otherwise.

Right to Access and Amend

You are entitled to  correct or amend all your personal data which was collected by us, if  this data is out of date or untrue in your opinion.

You may do that by sending an e-mail to the address that is mentioned in the imprint.  


You are entitled to revoke your consent to the use of your personal data at any time taking effect in the future.

You may do that by sending an e-mail to the address that is mentioned in the imprint.

Data Retention

We  save personal data, as long as, it is necessary to provide a service  that you requested or consented to, as long as there are no legal  obligations to act otherwise, like in situations where legal proceedings  are pending.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are used in some sections of the website in order to provide you with individualized services.

Cookies  are characters that can be sent to your computer by a webserver, in  order to identify your computer for the duration of your visit.

Most  browsers allow cookies automatically. You may deactivate the use of  cookies or chose a setting in your browser that informs you of the use  of cookies. You will be informed of the use of the cookie, in case the  cookies are not only saved for the duration of your session and deleted  after you leave the website, but are placed on your computer for a  longer period of time.


To protect the data that  you provide to us from intentional or unintentional manipulation, loss,  destruction or access of unauthorized parties, we use technical and  logistical security measures.If statistical surveys are being made from  personal data, the information is transmitted in a coded form, in order  to prevent misuse of the data by third parties. Our security measures  are constantly being reviewed according to the newest technological  advancements.


The protection of the privacy of  children is an important topic. On our website, we do not use  information of persons, who we know to be younger than 13 years, unless  we have been provided with the consent of a legal guardian in advance.

Upon  request legal guardians may access and review the data that has been  provided by their child and request accordingly that such data is  deleted.


The constant development of the  internet requires changes to our privacy policy from time to time.We  reserve the right to make the respective changes at any time.